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 Goals and Objectives 

To foster a consciousness of God as reality in human experience, and a sense of personal relationship with him,

To develop an understanding and appreciation of the personality, life and teaching of Jesus, as well as lead to experience him as Savior and Lord and manifest itself in daily life and conduct,

To give direction to the process through which desirable changes are to be realized,

To give proper sequence to spiritual activities,

To guide in the selection of content to be taught,

To evaluate the effectiveness of the spiritual process in the gospel ministry,

To aid in the revitalizing of homes, communities and churches,

To be available for service on spiritual or secular basis,

To promote the importance of spiritual growth in the knowledge of the enemy, prosperity, the Bible, the movement of the Holy Ghost, and the gifts of the spirit.

To serve as spiritual leaders, counselors, and mentors for those in need of direction,

To carry the message of Jesus Christ throughout the streets, in our neighborhoods and communities,

To promote the talents and gifts of new and seasoned ministers in the ministry,

To crusade all states, cities, and parishes/counties across the world stressing the need for salvation and serving as an outside church ministry,

Providing Bible classes, workshops, revivals, and crusades across the world meeting the spiritual needs of the people and their surroundings.

Adopting colleges and universities across this world serving as a satellite organization for students who are away from home, providing them with a place of worship, spiritual guidance, and leading them to experience Him as Savior and Lord.

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    Spoken Word Ministerial Alliance International
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