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Code of Conduct 

I agree to observe the principles, vision, and goals established by the alliance, as published in the membership handbook.

I agree to conduct myself in a manner appropriate to an organization of ministers and churches that does not bring reproach to the name or members of SWMAI.

I understand that failure to abide by the structure and vision of the alliance or any verbal or written policies established may result in reprimand, suspension, or dismissal.

My membership in the Spoken Word Ministerial Alliance International is voluntary and therefore I can terminate my fellowship with this organization at anytime.

I accept the responsibilities given to me by the authority of the Presiding Bishop, the Episcopal Board of Bishops and Bishop's Council and will conduct myself in a professional manner.

I will pledge my support and loyalty to this alliance not for glory or self-gratification, but for the sole purpose of carrying the vision of the alliance and for growth of the ministry.

I agree that before any positions or authorities are given to me, I will be willing to submit myself to following the leadership of the Spoken Word Ministerial Alliance International, and the rules and guidelines that have been set for operations.

SWMAI has the right to terminate membership at will, with or without cause.

SWMAI is not a denominational organization where lordship is even considered over an individual or a church body. However, I agree that my church is subject to any and all programs rendered under the banner of SWMAI.

If SWMAI organizes a church/ministry and the Episcopal Board of Bishops places an individual in the capacity of leader you and that church/ministry becomes subject to this alliance.

I agree that if appointed to a leadership position I will carry out my duties as prescribed and outlined by the Office of the Presiding Bishop and the appointed governing board(s).

I agree to conduct myself and/any business of the alliance professionally and spiritually to achieve the maximum growth and development of the organization.

I have read, understand and respect the Statement of Faith, Objectives/Goals, of the alliance and pledge to abide by the Code of Conduct printed, and verbally stated as a part of my conditions to remaining an active member of SWMAI.

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