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Our History - SWMAI 

The Spoken Word Ministerial Alliance is a fellowship of Christian churches. This alliance is commonly known as being holiness and pentecostal in action because of the importance ascribed to the events which occurred on the Day of Pentecost the 50th day after the Passover as being necessary for all believers to in Christ Jesus to experience.

We are a part of the protestant body, though the alliance did not directly evolve from the European or English Reformation, but traces it roots through the General Association Pentecostal movements.

In 1990, Reverend Toris T. Young, II met with local youth ministers, the Reverends Tyrone G. Jefferson, Ernest J. Rieux, Jr. and Charles L. Davis, who would become founders of the Spoken Word Ministerial Alliance of Greater New Orleans. As the Lord began to use these young pioneers, they began to preach all over the city and state. As their work began to expand, the Lord began to send other young preachers to become part of what was called the most progressive alliance for young ministers of the gospel in the Greater New Orleans area.

As the Lord increased the membership, in 1991, the Reverends Frank McKay, Marc Napoleon, George Stanley, Brian Richburg, and others became a part of this rapidly increasing fellowship. These young men of God became a vital part of the alliance, because they saw the vision in allowing other young preachers  the opportunity to express their desire and commitment to the cause of winning souls for Christ. The alliance took a stand on preaching, teaching, street witnessing, to men and women who were lost!

In 1992, the members of the alliance began to move their separate ways causing the alliance to experience a dark side. However the brothers kept in contact, but didn't fully regroup until the summer of 1994. In that year, the Lord began to speak to Elders Young and Rieux, to rekindle the fire of the alliance. The vision of both leaders came together in full force creating the "year of reconstruction."  In 1995, both Young and Rieux began preaching and teaching locally and across the United States.

Traveling across the country, these two young men became determined to make this alliance what God had ordained it to be. After much fasting and praying, the Spirit of the Lord spoke again to them both and gave them directions to take what was already established and make it greater. In 1996, the once Spoken Word Ministerial Alliance of Greater New Orleans became the Spoken Word Ministerial Alliance of Louisiana. Elders Young and Rieux set out across the state searching for men of God who would need an affiliation of ministers and churches for the purposes of true fellowship and ministerial covering. In 1997, after submitting to a joint council of senior bishops in the New Orleans area, both Elders Young and Rieux were consecrated to the office of Bishop.

Bishop James Feltus, Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ United; Bishop Arnold Little, Bishop Robert McGinnis, Episcopal Church and Bishop Anthony Honeycutt, all sanctioned and duly consecrated these brothers to the sacred office of Bishop.

Bishops Young and Reiux sought the Lord to put them in touch with men of God who believed in the complete and full operation of the Holy Ghost.  In answer to their prayers, he placed Bishop Fred D. Jacobs in their paths. Bishop Jacobs saw the vision and accepted the appointment to the alliance. In 1998, the alliance was incorporated in the State of Louisiana as a nonprofit organization. Since the expansion to a statewide organization, several others were added to the alliance, including Elder Gregory C. Mills of Alexandria, LA; Calvin Blake of Natchez, MS; Bishops Anthony Honeycutt, Ryan "The Bishop" Warner, and Bishop A.S. Evans, all of New Orleans, LA. These men of God have been striving to do the will of God and are strong in the belief that "Without HOLINESS no man can see God..."

In 2001, the Lord opened the door for national growth, reaching persons of all races, creed, and color. Since the mandate from God to become an national movement the then SWMA of Louisiana, became is the Spoken Word Ministerial Alliance International. Providing a great opportunity for advancement, the Lord placed Bishop Willie E. Hines (deceased) of Laurel, MS; Bishop W. Jeffery Toles (deceased) and Albert Davis of New Orleans, LA; and Elder Donald Williams of Los Angeles, CA to the alliance. While in transition, there was need to change the name of the governing board of Bishops from General Board of Bishop to now the Episcopal Board of Bishops, the seal of the alliance was redesigned and adopted into alliance history as being the official SWMAI seal. In 2002, the Seal of the Bishop was designed and placed in the history of the organization as the official seal for all consecrated bishops. As growth began, there were many pastors from across this nation joining the Alliance from Louisiana, Texas, Colorado, Mississippi, New York, Illinois, and Alabama. In June 2003, through Bishop Willie E. Hines, the Lord added to the fold 26 churches in Africa, giving the Alliance a diocese in Ghana and Kenya.

In July 2005, Bishop Rieux convened the 1st International Holy Convocation in SWMAI's birthplace, New Orleans, Louisiana; 5 men were designated and elevated to the Office of Bishop: Bishop William A. Brown of Washington, D.C., Bishop Josef M. Carr of Columbus, MO, Bishop Jamilio R. E. McClain of Atlanta, Bishop Mack Kenney of Athens, GA and Bishop Billy Saint-James of Baltimore all receiving full apostolic succession. These men committed themselves to the vision of Spoken Word, pledging their faith to forever preach and teach the Word of God without compromise.

To current, Spoken Word has 7 Jurisdiction: Louisiana, Texas, Pennsylvania, Georgia, West Virginia, District of Columbia and Maryland.

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